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Australian Spellcraft Magazine - Rare back issues out of print. ('The Spirit Guide to Spellcraft')

'The Spirit Guide to SpellCraft' Magazine - Please choose one back issue. These magazines are now rare as they are out of publication.

Examples of back issues from the Spellcraft catalogue include:

Spellcraft 20 Ritual and Ceremony

Spellcraft 18 Green Witch

Spellcraft 17 Lotions and Potions

Spellcraft 16 Tarot and Oracles

Spellcraft 15 Feast and Festival

Spellcraft 14 The Creative Craft

Spellcraft 13 Hearth and Home

Spellcraft 12 Coven and Community

Spellcraft 11 Sacred Sensuality

Spellcraft 10 Cyber Witch

Spellcraft 9 Natural Connections

Spellcraft 8 Magickal Adornment

Spellcraft 7 Age of the Sage

Spellcraft 6 Join the Fae

Spellcraft 5 Witchy Wonderland

Spellcraft 4 Magickal Offerings

Spellcraft 2 Enchanted Feast

Spellcraft 1 Oz Witch

The following below are summaries of what the contents of some specific back issues contain;

Issue 7 - Summer 2008
Wendy Rule - Diva in the Mists. 

The Psychic Art of the Craft 
Goddess Gracious - 15 Page Goddess Spectacular 
Paganism: A Cinderella Story 
Pagan Origins of Football
Wayland the Smith and a Wiccan Wonder
Weaving Star Magick
Peter Brabyn Enters the Age of the Sage. 
Caroline Tully and Mighty Aprhodite! 

The Spirit Guide to SpellCraft 
Issue 6 - Winter 2007

Join the Spring Fae! 

Pagan Healing with Janet Farrar and Janet Bone 
Initiation in the Great Pyramid 
Cassandra Eason: Madam Mim of the Midlands 
Pagan Origins of Football
Meet the Witch of the Black Rose,
Erichto - Lucan's Extreme Witch
Gypsies in Oz, The Pomegranate 
Be Enchanted by Candlelight and more! 

The Spirit Guide to SpellCraft 
Issue 5 - Winter 2007

Wrap yourself in a Witchy Winter Wonderland. 

Featuring a world of fae from Michele-lee Phelan 
Magickal Connections - Forming a Lasting Coven. 
Cassandra Eason: Crafting from the Heart 
Pussy Power: Kitty Kismet and the Temple Cats
Witchy Enchantement with Lucy Cavendish
Stregheria, Enochian Magick, Bat Chat 
GAIA, PAN and much more! 

The Spirit Guide to SpellCraft 
Issue 4 - Autumn 2007

Celebrate Autumn 2007 with another magickal offering. 

Featuring the gorgeous artwork of Selina Fenech 
Journey into the Shadowlands with Lucy Cavendish. 
Discover Beauty the Witch's Way with Stacey DeMarco 
Jane Hardwicke Collings on Birthing with the Goddess 
Bewitchery with Fiona Horne 
Raising Energy for Magick, Drawing Down the Moon, Meet Hypatia 
and (of course) there is much, much more! 
The Spirit Guide to SpellCraft 
Issue 3 - Summer 2007

Ancient Egyptian Magick. 
Ritual with Ramses Seleem and Scrying with Elisabeth Jensen 
Summer Magick, Summer Love. Guide to the Sabbats and Summer Celebrations. 
Unveil the Thelemic Origins of Wicca, Ceremonial Magick and Hermetics. 
Ravenheart delares: We are the other people - and we love it! 
What's happening at the community post with 
The Pagan Alliance, The Church of All Worlds and The Pagan Awareness Network. 
and (of course) there is much, much more! 

The Spirit Guide to SpellCraft 
Issue 2 - Spring 2006

We greet spring with an enchanted feast from the spirit guide. 

The Secrets of the Phi Code, Ceremonial Magick and Divine Chaos from Pope Kael. 
OZ Witch: Rosaleen Norton. The truth about the Witch of King's Cross. 
Be Charmed by Ken Wills and his Magick Square and Get Smudged with Severina Tadeus. 
Explore Cat Magick with Katina Balson the elements with Lucy Cavendish. 
Gather around the community post with 
The Pagan Alliance, The Church of All Worlds and The Pagan Awareness Network. 
and much, much more! 

The Spirit Guide to SpellCraft
Issue 1 - Winter 2006

Spellcraft celebrates the launch of our first issue 
with a special OZ Witch edition. 
Deborah Gray gives a unique account of Witchcraft in Australia, 
we pay tribute to Kerry Kulkens and 
Lucy Cavendish writes an ode to Witchcraft Magazine. 
Scott Alexander King teams up with the beautiful artwork of 
Sharon McLeod to explore the element of Air. 
Ken Wills ties the knot with binding spells. 
We explore Ancient Egyptian Spellwork, 
Crop Circles, Circle Casting and lots more. 

To learn more about the magazine and contents of issues, please view the website here http://www.spellcraft.com.au/

I offer FREE postage Australia wide for all items in my store  :) 

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